Choosing Colors can be the most intimidating part
of decorating or staging.

A good eye for color is helpful, but a clear and consistent approach to color selection is the true key to color success. That is precisely what the Confident Color System (CCS) is all about.

Discover your confident color profile

What is the Confident Color System? Simply said, a color selection process for selling or dwelling that blends the science of color with the talent of a trained professional.  The process begins with assessing the client’s   Confident Color Profile,  which eliminates 75% of colors in 3 minutes.  In just a few more minutes, you can create a perfect color palette  for paint, fabrics, décor and more.

As a Certified Confident Color System Consultant, you’ll help clients in both live and virtual color consultations. In addition to the Confident Color System class, we provide training in other areas to maximize your talent, creativity and marketability. Test drive our classes by visiting our Jumpstart page. Classes are available in a variety of formats, including a Live 2-day class held around the country or online and on-demand, learn at your leisure in the comfort of your home.  Save money with online classes as the overhead is not as high for the training team